Who’s this guy?


Adam Sedgley is an avid birdwatcher, runner, cyclist, naturalist, and admirer of foreign cultures. Some might call him a cultural chameleon were it not for his pasty complexion that lies somewhere between “albino” and “crushed eggshell.” Indeed, the only place this chameleon would be camouflaged is northern Scandinavia, the Cottonelle assembly line, or a snow bank.

Launched in 2012 while living in Paris, Flocking Somewhere is comprised of posts of Adam’s experiences abroad. The topic and location of stories will vary, but expect a heavy dash of self-deprecation and an occasional pinch of cultural insight. With respect to length, think more “article” and less “here’s what I ate for breakfast.” Whatever the topic, from chasing sandpipers in South Korea to taste-testing Belgian beers, all stories will be published in accordance to one rule: your time is more valuable than Adam’s.

Why “Flocking Somewhere”? Well, Adam thought the world was short on bird-related puns. So where is Adam these days? “Oh,” she replied in a dismissive tone, “he’s flocking somewhere…”


Twitter: @sedgehogg
Instagram: @adamsedgley
LinkedIn: /adamsedgley

Currently flocking in: Washington D.C. (USA)
Country tally: 47
Most recent country visited: Andorra


Adam Sedgley “getting the shot” underneath the Bir Hakeim bridge — © Pierre-yves Calvat

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  2 Responses to “Who’s this guy?”

  1. Hello ADAM or substitute:
    I often stay in PARIS and wish to go on successive DAY TOURS (or more!) in and around Paris looking for good birds whilst staying in the comfort of my hotel etc…
    Do you have such well-guided short tours but say for a week’s duration or more!?
    I am thinking of mid-May this year etc……………
    Thank you.

    • Hi Ronald! Thank you for reaching out. I am sorry for the late reply – I was touring the area around my new place of residence: Washington DC. Unfortunately, I won’t be available to take you on a birding tours around Paris as I haven’t lived there for a few years now. I don’t know of any tour outfits in the city but you might be able to find someone via birdingpals. David Thorns is a British expat who lives on the east side of the city who might be available. Here’s his blog: http://www.skutchia.com/latest-news. Let me know how you fair and I may be able to be of more help. Enjoy yourself!

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