Apr 082015

Birding_Utah_Logo_500pxDo you live in Utah or will you be traveling to the “Beehive State”? If so, don’t forget your binoculars!

Developed in partnership with Wasatch Audubon Society and Great Salt Lake Audubon, the Birding Utah iPhone app brings you over 150 excellent areas for birdwatching throughout Utah, all vetted by local experts.

  • Use GPS to find birding “sites near me.”
  • Plan your next trip by searching for sites near a city or ZIP code.
  • Search all sites for a “target bird,” and find the nearest location.
  • Get turn-by-turn directions and find nearby amenities.
  • Access an online bird guide for quick reference in the field.
  • Tag your favorite spots and share with your friends.

Just download “Birding Utah,” grab your binoculars and car keys, and go!


If we are going to inspire people to protect birds, we need to connect people to the areas on which birds depend. This app makes it easier for people to find, explore, see, and – hopefully – care.

As a birdwatcher, my partners at Aves Amigos LLC and I have a vested interest in promoting the economic significance of bird-focused tourism. We may be “crazy birders” but we are also “crazy birders who spend money;” we all require food for our stomachs and pillows for our heads. This directly benefits local establishments.

When you go in for a meal, sling your binoculars over your shoulder and share your excitement for some of the cool birds they have in their own backyards.

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