Aug 122014
"Super Moon" at Robin Lakes

It was our first backpacking trip of the year, and we knew there would be a few cobwebs: an obese backpack, forgotten necessities, atrophied quads, and sore heels. It was already late in the season: the first weekend of August. A social get-together with some out-of-town friends on Friday night compressed our timeline to just […]

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Jun 012014
A Clam's Throw from North Korea

Spotted Redshank. Terek Sandpiper. Dunlin. Lesser Sand-Plover. North Korean Border Guard. Red-necked St—wait, North Korean what? I was at the northern most point of the Yellow Sea, scanning an extensive, undulating mudflat on the bank of the Yulu River. A quiet cement road, lined with derelict light poles, ran down the Chinese shoreline to my […]

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Oct 212013
Chasing Spoonies in South Korea (#4) - Saemangeum Seawall

Read all posts from this expedition to South Korea It is difficult to convey size with the written word. On the west coast of the Korean peninsula, the Saemangeum (say-MAHN-gum) reclamation project hosts the longest seawall in the world. But that is an architectural reference that means little to those outside coastal Louisiana, or the […]

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Oct 052013
Chasing Spoonies in South Korea (#2) - Yubu Island

Read all posts from this expedition to South Korea “What’s your favorite bird?” It’s a frequent question posed to birdwatchers and I stumble for an example that people can relate to in North America: American Dipper, Marbled Murrelet, and Harlequin Duck are all a part of my regular rotation. But as for international birds, the […]

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Mar 132013
Wild Goose Chase

Yeah, it’s cliché, and I am certainly not the first birdwatcher to use, or perhaps abuse, this phrase. But when one travels to The Netherlands in winter to look for geese—totaling nine commonly occurring species—“Wild Goose Chase” suddenly seems awfully appropriate. I’d learned of the bounty of Branta when my wife and I relocated to […]

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Jan 302013
A Birder in Paris (2012 Recap)

When my eyes met binoculars in 2012, they were likely in pursuit of the feathered occupants of Paris, from tits to creepers. My wife and I moved to the capital of France in early June and I averaged about one morning of birding every week until late November, when we traveled back home to Seattle […]

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