Jan 242013
Crapping on Napoleon's Head

Carved in stone or forged in metal, statues are designed to make generation of people stop, gaze upward in awe, and reflect on someone who liberated/reigned/invented/ruled/fought/decreed/conquered themselves in to a pivotal moment in the evolution of a country or culture. A statue is an eternal reminder that all who pass underneath should be forever indebted to […]

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Jan 092013
Paris by Night: Cathedrale Notre Dame

What do you think of when I say “Notre Dame.” OK, now stop chanting “Rudy” and imagine that I said it in a more dignified air: “NOOOH-truh DAAAAAAHM.” Yup, that one. After several months in PEH-reee, Kristi and I had walked past this stone postcard model numerous times, pausing briefly to take snapshots. This church—arguably the […]

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Dec 272012
Paris by Night: Eiffel Tower

I peered outside our apartment window and saw a thick cluster of clouds smothering a blue sky. Today could be the day. I recently decided that it was morally deplorable to live in Paris for six months and not have a picture of the Eiffel Tower at sunset. At 3:30pm, I packed up my camera and tripod […]

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Dec 142012
Sh-t that wouldn't fly back home: Paris edition

Tasting unfamiliar foods, taking wild forms of transportation, or immersing yourself in an incomprehensible language are the types of experiences that drive most to travel. Some are locked away in travel journals, others are fodder at cocktail parties, but it’s those rare experiences that challenge a persons fervent beliefs of what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s […]

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Oct 042012
Subterranean Bubbly in Reims

Nestled in the Champagne region 80 miles northeast of Paris, visitors flock to Reims for two reasons: centuries-old cathedrals and decades-old bubbly. Kristi, our friend Anne, and I rented a car and took an overnight trip to experience both. Notre-Dame de Reims is the flagship cathedral in this city of 188,000. Over the course of […]

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Sep 262012
Paris' Bowels: The Sewer Museum

If a way to man’s heart is through his stomach, then perhaps the best way to understand the essence of a city is through its bowels. Or maybe it’s just an interesting way to spend € 4.50. Either way, The Paris Sewer Museum (Musée Égouts de Paris) is just a baguette’s toss from the Eiffel Tower […]

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