Sep 202012
Birdwatching in Paris

No one comes to Paris for the birds. But because many European travel itineraries loop through the City of Light, birders would be well served to bring their binoculars. After perusing paintings at the Louvre and consuming sweets at the corner patisserie, take a morning and explore one of the locations outlined below. You may […]

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Aug 302012
Puppets, Sex, and French TV

We have 400+ channels at our flat in Paris, most are devoted to imported TV shows and movies, live soccer, and round-table discussions. News, entertainment, sports; it all apparently requires a roundtable discussion consisting of a host, a panel of experts, and a studio audience, the most attractive of whom are positioned directly behind whoever […]

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Jun 242012

Squish… It is an unmistakable sound. It was just shy of midnight on Thursday night. I was returning to our flat after watching a Euro 2012 football match (England v Sweden) at a pizza joint in the city. It been raining all evening and pools of water had collected on the poorly lit stretch of […]

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Jun 152012
How much for that finch?

It was my first Sunday – and my third day – in Paris. The skies were threatening rain and for most of the morning Kristi and I used it as an excuse to acquiesce to jetlag and laze around the apartment. We were also tired from an epic walk around the 7th arrondisement the day […]

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