Oct 042012
Subterranean Bubbly in Reims

Nestled in the Champagne region 80 miles northeast of Paris, visitors flock to Reims for two reasons: centuries-old cathedrals and decades-old bubbly. Kristi, our friend Anne, and I rented a car and took an overnight trip to experience both. Notre-Dame de Reims is the flagship cathedral in this city of 188,000. Over the course of […]

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Sep 262012
Paris' Bowels: The Sewer Museum

If a way to man’s heart is through his stomach, then perhaps the best way to understand the essence of a city is through its bowels. Or maybe it’s just an interesting way to spend € 4.50. Either way, The Paris Sewer Museum (Musée Égouts de Paris) is just a baguette’s toss from the Eiffel Tower […]

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Sep 202012
Birdwatching in Paris

No one comes to Paris for the birds. But because many European travel itineraries loop through the City of Light, birders would be well served to bring their binoculars. After perusing paintings at the Louvre and consuming sweets at the corner patisserie, take a morning and explore one of the locations outlined below. You may […]

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Aug 302012
Puppets, Sex, and French TV

We have 400+ channels at our flat in Paris, most are devoted to imported TV shows and movies, live soccer, and round-table discussions. News, entertainment, sports; it all apparently requires a roundtable discussion consisting of a host, a panel of experts, and a studio audience, the most attractive of whom are positioned directly behind whoever […]

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Aug 262012
Pigeon Nest On A Ledge

Pigeons are everywhere in Paris. The Common Wood-Pigeon is larger that the other two species possible in Paris—Stock and Rock Pigeon—and it’s the most numerous, by far. You can’t enjoy an open expanse of Parisian sky without seeing a handful of these avian porkers flying in any or all directions. Watch a tree for 5 minutes and […]

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