Oct 212013
Chasing Spoonies in South Korea (#4) - Saemangeum Seawall

Read all posts from this expedition to South Korea It is difficult to convey size with the written word. On the west coast of the Korean peninsula, the Saemangeum (say-MAHN-gum) reclamation project hosts the longest seawall in the world. But that is an architectural reference that means little to those outside coastal Louisiana, or the […]

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Oct 052013
Chasing Spoonies in South Korea (#2) - Yubu Island

Read all posts from this expedition to South Korea “What’s your favorite bird?” It’s a frequent question posed to birdwatchers and I stumble for an example that people can relate to in North America: American Dipper, Marbled Murrelet, and Harlequin Duck are all a part of my regular rotation. But as for international birds, the […]

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Sep 102013
Reverse Culture Shock: Paris

“The thrill of take off: the burn of reentry.” Or it could be less of a burn: a mild irritation, perhaps. But if you’ve returned from overseas back to your place of birth after enough time to settle into a daily routine in a foreign country, chances are you’ve experienced reverse culture shock. What was […]

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Aug 082013
Church Ceilings, Around the World

Grandiose, Ostentatious, Awe-inspriring, Humbling … Such is the way that religious institutions—churches, synagogues, temples, mosques—are described around the world. Their designers created physical tributes to the deities that guided many lives throughout the centuries. Even today, in an age when our attention is torn from one flashing screen to another, these monuments still stop us […]

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Jun 202013
French Woman Window Thingy

Sure, it’s a weird thing to obsess over. But once I noticed my first, it was impossible to stop looking for more. And I found them, all over France. This story starts in Port de Vannes market on our first weekend together in Paris. This market is a veritable orgy for the antique browser, tables […]

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