Sep 072012

A new iPhone app to find birds in Washington State!

From puffins to poorwills, over 500 species have been recorded in the Evergreen State; now there is an iPhone app that can help you find as many as possible.

My partners and I at Aves Amigos teamed up with Audubon Washington to bring their popular Great Washington State Birding Trail maps to the mobile age. Now, you can have all seven driving loops with 375 stops in your pocket.

Find birding “stops near me” or plan your next trip. Get driving directions and find nearby amenities. Access an online bird guide for quick reference in the field. Tag your favorite spots and share with your friends.

Download the app, grab your car keys, and go.

As a conservationist, I am passionate about building awareness and appreciation for habitats vitally important to birds—people won’t protect what they aren’t connected to emotionally.

As a birdwatcher, I have a vested interest in promoting the economic significance of bird-focused tourism. The Binocular Tribe requires food for our stomachs and pillows for our heads as we travel far and wide to seek our quarry.

I hope this app will get more people out to explore this beautiful state, binoculars in hand.

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  6 Responses to “Great Washington State Birding Trail iPhone app”

  1. when will it be available for droid.

    • Hi Teri! Thank you for your inquiry. We are planning on launching an Android version but have no timeline yet. We will let you know when it becomes available!

      • Any progress on an Android app?

        • Thank you for your note Jerred. We were unfortunately delayed for months but we are on the cusp of starting development. If it’s developed, it won’t be released until summer 2015. The goal of this app is to get more people out birding and exploring our beautiful state, and an Android app was always the next step to accomplish this goal. Thank you for checking in!

  2. Hi Adam, it would be really helpful if your app clearly and prominently stated that the maps are in partnership with Audubon. I first saw this app yesterday and strongly suspected that it was based on “unlicensed” (stolen) data. It wasnt until I came across the aves and amigos website and recognized your name and affiliation I realized this was probably legit. I’m sure alot more birders would be likely to download and use this app if they knew it had the blessing of WA Audubon (or whatever the relationship is)…

    • Hi Jon! Thank you for your interest and thank you for checking in! I’d love to learn where you learned about the app (via iTunes on your computer, on your iPhone, or through a different channel) and if you had recommendations on how we can emphasize our partnership with National Audubon, whether it be visual and/or written. As you know, anyone can publish anything they want online so I would love to learn what you think would instill confidence in the user that the app is credible (which it is). Thank you!

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