Feb 212013

I made an interesting discovery the other day.

I was looking for a way to take a picture with our laptop’s camera, a feature I’d only previously used with Skype. It’s a Mac, so I searched “photo” and quickly found the Photo Booth program.

When the program opened, I wasn’t surprised to see that it already came preloaded with pictures. I was however bewildered to see that the assortment of pictures was a bit, well, pedestrian. No photos of sunflowers, puppies, or rolling green hills back-dropped by blue sky. The backdrop of these photos was a bit bleak and looked awfully familiar.

We purchased this computer on sale at OfficeMax in Seattle. My wife and I were in the market for a new laptop and while dropping by our neighborhood store to pick up mailing labels, I discovered that last years Macbook Pro was thirty percent off. Macs are rarely on sale so we acted quickly and purchased the last one they had in stock.

Yup, the floor model.

OfficeMax supposedly wiped the hard drive clean but, nearly a year later, I discovered a nice little catalogue of everyone who tested out Photo Booth. I liken it to a remote sensor camera used to study elusive wildlife in inaccessible places, except instead of tracking tigers in Siberia or wolverines in the Cascades, I’ve gathered data on the browsing habits, and display behaviors, of humanoids migrating through the florescent catacombs of an office supply store.

I have no idea who these people are. But I do know that they, at some point, have all touched my computer.


I ain’t going to hate. This is exactly the same face I made when I opened Photo Booth for the first time. And I am thirty years older.




Looks like someone found the “superimpose my face on to a pixelated roller-coaster” filter. I am still looking for this one.


“Is this my good side or … ?”


Probably the handsomest couple to ever grace Aisle 7. Their backdrop is a little short on  grouper, though.


I won’t disparage this young girl because she: 1. is adorable, 2. has incorporated birds into her candid shot and 3. could easily cut off my entitlements when she becomes president.


Plus, there are two of her.


It’s interesting to ponder for what purpose other people use their computers. I’m guessing their browser has a bookmark titled “funky eyewear.”


I am not sure how this girl got in to the store after hours, but this picture was clearly taken in infrared mode.


Her friend joins her to use the “Lichtenstein” filter.


OK, I gotta find this roller-coaster setting.


Considering his hectic tour schedule, it’s pretty damn impressive that Justin Bieber can find enough time to shop for a computer.


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  6 Responses to “Strangers in My Computer”

  1. OMG I went to high school with the guy in “handsome couple” … so WEIRD!! Ask me to tell you a story about him when I see you next – his name is Guthrie Scarr and he’s a musician, check him out!

    • Amazing that you know someone on my computer. Kind of random, right? I’ll have to check him out: he is certainly animated!

    • Wow, with a name like “Guthrie Scarr,” this guy *has* to be a success. LOVE that you know him, Laura! Too funny…

  2. Aaron can show you all you could ever want to do on Photo Booth. We catch him making faces and snapping pics with various backdrops on the iMac. The scary thing is we never showed him how to even use the iMac.

  3. Haha, ah-am-zing!

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