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    • A Layover in Doha, Qatar
      Qatar. The only country in the world that starts with “Q.” Aerial photos of a soccer stadium with an, er, distinctive design slated to be built for when the hot, … Read more
    • A Tour of the Lion Statues of Washington D.C.
      What comes to mind when I say “Washington, D.C.”? Aside from politically-charged phrases like “gridlock” and “senatorial quagmire,” I imagine it’s, like me, landmarks like the U.S. Capitol, White House … Read more
    • Cold-blooded Volkswagens: Seeking Leatherback Turtles in Trinidad
      It was a warm evening even though the sun had disappeared behind the marine horizon hours prior. Thickly vegetated trees—faintly illuminated by the incandescent porch lights—swayed gently in the sea … Read more
    • The Cars of Cuba
      “Cuba.” What comes to mind? For me, cars. Classic cars. And when I booked my trip to (legally) visit the Caribbean island, it’s the first thing I thought of. As … Read more
    • “Super Moon” at Robin Lakes
      It was our first backpacking trip of the year, and we knew there would be a few cobwebs: an obese backpack, forgotten necessities, atrophied quads, and sore heels. It was … Read more
    • Nocturnal Tidepooling: Sea Pens on a Friday Night
      I haven’t posted in a while. It is hard to contribute to a travel blog when you, um, haven’t traveled. But sometimes adventures can be found just around the corner … Read more
    • Church Ceilings, Around the World
      Grandiose, Ostentatious, Awe-inspriring, Humbling … Such is the way that religious institutions—churches, synagogues, temples, mosques—are described around the world. Their designers created physical tributes to the deities that guided many … Read more
    • French Woman Window Thingy
      Sure, it’s a weird thing to obsess over. But once I noticed my first, it was impossible to stop looking for more. And I found them, all over France. This … Read more
    • The 35 Bridges of Paris in an Evening
      Three shapes emerge when you look at a map of Paris: a circle, a spiral, and a horseshoe. The peripherique is the 35km circular highway that defines the boundaries of “Paris … Read more
    • Paris at Night: Eiffel Tower and Bir-Hakeim Bridge
      It happened again. The sky looked damned tempting when I glanced out of our window: puffy balls of cotton back-dropped by dark storm clouds. In between those clouds was a … Read more
    • Paris by Night: The Two Arches
      Say “Parisian Arch” and most will think of the Arc de Triomphe. For good reason, too: the “Triumphal Arch” is one of the most famous monuments in Paris. The 164 foot … Read more
    • Crapping on Napoleon’s Head
      Carved in stone or forged in metal, statues are designed to make generation of people stop, gaze upward in awe, and reflect on someone who liberated/reigned/invented/ruled/fought/decreed/conquered themselves in to a … Read more
    • Paris by Night: Cathedrale Notre Dame
      What do you think of when I say “Notre Dame.” OK, now stop chanting “Rudy” and imagine that I said it in a more dignified air: “NOOOH-truh DAAAAAAHM.” Yup, that one. … Read more
    • Paris by Night: Place de la Concorde
      Located in the 8th arrondissement to the north of the Seine, Place de la Concorde is one of the most famous public squares in Paris. Built in 1755 as Place … Read more
    • Paris by Night: Eiffel Tower
      I peered outside our apartment window and saw a thick cluster of clouds smothering a blue sky. Today could be the day. I recently decided that it was morally deplorable … Read more